About Matthew Joseph Taylor

I was born and currently reside in the United States. Early in life I discovered I had an affinity with math, science, and computers. I attended Texas Tech University to study Engineering Physics.

Learning is a dangerous activity.

I've always had a sincere attitude towards life. I studied physics with an eye towards practical application. I wanted to learn how the universe truly worked. The nuts and bolts.

During this time a friend introduced me to an idea that forever changed my life. The concept was Gödel's incompleteness theorem.

To say my dreams of what I wanted in life were shattered is an understatement. I cared for nothing. I lost the will to face life. I dropped out of university. I did not have the stomach for it.

As luck would have it, I found myself living in a time and place that richly rewards those with an interest in math and computation. I coded to live, and lived to code.

For 20+ years I worked off and on as a software developer. Checkout my linked-in for the full details of my professional career. I had a break in the early 2000's to pursue selling paintings on eBay, but eventually returned to software. On the side I thought and read much on the topics of physics, math, and philosophy.

After many years I found peace with Gödel. I found my meaning of life.

I don't know what this place is, but I've found a way to be happy without knowing. I wake up every day in pure amazement that anything exists. It is such a gift, that I have no words to describe it. I live in this moment with a heart full gratitude for this truly astounding gift of being alive.

Now I find myself taking another break from the world of corporate software development. I woke up one day and discovered I no longer had the stomach for it. Life is too precious to waste on things one isn't interested in.

So I'm returning to creating art . I can think of no better way to spend the moments of my life than engaging with life directly, and there is no more direct means of engagement that I'm aware of.